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Starting with the September 1974 issue of Movie Maker magazine. Bill Davison became the chief reviewer of 8mm . Bill took over from Denis Gifford who had provided the reviews in the years before moved on due to other work commitments

Bill's first article in Movie Maker on film collecting was not his regular 'Bootlace' column, but 'Dreams That Money Can Buy'

Every month Bill's column featured in the magazine. Sometimes only one page, but mainly two or more.

As you read Bill's articles you'll see he had a passion to try and improve matters for the film collector. By giving an honest opinion of the films under review, most of the super 8mm distributors had to improve their quality.

I must admit that I as a collector this was the first part of the magazine I looked at. The reviews did sometimes help make up my mind to buy a release.

The "Bootlace Cinema" articles are reproduced as web pages and also available as original scanned images for download as rar files. I've tried to keep the webpages in keeping with the originals as far as I can. They have lost the 3 column magazine format, but the images are the originals.

Revisit Bill Davison's "Bootlace Cinema" here:

Bootlace Cinema 1974